Wobby is a Dutch Risograph printed, thematic magazine for visual art and literature

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Wobby #18 ‘The Big Blank’ is out now!

In this issue, unique work of: Kate Black (UK), Katrein Breukers (NL), Maaike Canne (NL), Andrew Cartwright (UK/NL), Ed Cheverton (UK), A.H.J. Dautzenberg (NL), Clay Hickson (US), Merijn Hos (NL), Jelmer Konjo (NL), Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva (RU/NL), Jeroen de Leijer (NL), Floor van Meeuwen (NL), Joost Pollmann (NL), Rogier Roeters (NL), David Ryan (US), Marjolein Schalk (NL), Bart Smout (NL), Zavka (PL)

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