Radio WobTit
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Radio WobTit

Wobby #9 will be launched Saturday April 1st at Tilt Festival, the biggest literary festival of the South of the Netherlands.

Together with De Titaan will host Radio WobTit, a live radio show with interviews with a.o. artist Paul Bogaers and writer Maartje Wortel, a radiocolumn by Gerjon Gijsbers (all guests of Wobby #9) and the famous Wobby Masterclass. Also live in the studio: Herman Brusselmans, De Optimist en Menno Wigman.
Join us at the Radio WobTit studio, located at the Tilt office.

Saturday April 1
20:00 - 23:00
De NWE Vorst
Willem II Straat 49
5038 BD Tilburg

Or listen and watch live via the Tilt Facebook page, the Youtube channel or via the homepage of

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