Wobby's New Year's Deception

WOBBY.club will help you make it through 2018

Wobby.club is hosting a New Year's Deception to start the new year. The day before *Blue Monday you can prepare yourself at Wobby's New Year's Deception in NS16 Tilburg for things to come.

*the most depressing day of the year

Raise your glass with us to 2018, half full or half empty, that doesn’t matter.


  • Puppet show diva Eefje Wentelteefje looks back on 2017
  • Motivational coach Rens Tomala will help you get the new year started
  • Jeroen de Leijer will have a Kenjezelf Kit talk with illustrator Floor Rieder who made work for Wobby # 12
  • Listen to stories from the Anekdote Jukebox and watch movies by Leonard Bedaux
  • Be part of the gesammtkunstwerk of artist Piet Vlekkie
  • Juliet Gagnon will recite the story she wrote for Wobby #12
  • Become a Wobby.club member and receive a free Wobby totebag!
  • Wobby.club members can swap their Wobby Points for Risograph printed products
  • And much more


  • Sunday January 15:00 - 18:00

    (door open 15:00 - start 15:30)

  • NS16

  • NS Plein 16, Tilburg

  • Free entrance  

Current info here


Order Wobby #12 here


Cover Wobby #12 by John Broadley

Cover Wobby #12 by John Broadley

Work by Floor Rieder

Work by Floor Rieder

Story by Juliet Gagnon, illustrated by Jeroen de Leijer

Story by Juliet Gagnon, illustrated by Jeroen de Leijer

Kenjezelf Kit cards by Jeroen de Leijer

Kenjezelf Kit cards by Jeroen de Leijer

Wobby #10 Launch

Last week we launched Wobby #10 with the Gladiatori del Arte presented by Twan van Bragt, a Kenjezelf Kit interview by Jeroen de Leijer with Nick Liefhebber and Jip van den Toorn and a spectacular and hilarious competition of the Gladiatori del Arte.
And of course beer.

Thanks sweet gladiators and visitors. It was so much fun 👯🍻🏆🎉


(Dutch only)

We vieren met Wobby.club de verjaardag van dada op vrijdagavond 5 februari in Theater De NWE Vorst Tilburg. Verder feesten oa met ons mee Ulrike Doszmann, Leonard Bedaux, Luk Sponselee, Jacq Palinckx en andere fuifnummers, dit alles o.l.v. Productiehuis prod.nu.

Kom je ook? Je wordt niet thuisgebracht.
Na dit partijtje kun je je nml. elders in het gewone carnavalsfeestgedruis storten.

Theater De NWE Vorst
WillemII-straat 49 5038 BD Tilburg

5 februari
20:00 uur