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Wobby is an unique magazine with contributions from the best artists, comicbook artists and writers from the Netherlands and abroad, that make work focusing on a theme.

Each edition, printed by themselves, is a collectors item. A membership for 2017 will only cost you:

€ 40,00 (includes shipping within THE Netherlands)

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Single year subscription for volume   3 - 2017:
4 issues: #9, #10, #11 and #12
including one wobby point with each issue

€ 40,00 (incl. shipping within the Netherlands)
€ 45,00 (incl. international shipping)

>Risograph printed magazine
>4 x per year
>36 pages
>format: 17 x 25 cm
>printed in an edition of 300


Wobby is a publication of and is stencilled on a Risopgraph duplicator MZ1070E, that provides for an unique appearance. Wobby is published 4 times a year and printed in an edition of 300. Volume 3 starts with the publication of Wobby #9 (released early April).

With recurring contributions by:
• Jeroen de Leijer
• Marjolein Schalk
• Steppie Lloyd Trumpstein

Guest contributors from year 1 and 2 include among others: 
Bobbi Oskam / Eva Stalinski  Vincent Dams / Martijn Neggers / Aart-Jan Venema / Paul Faassen / Jip Piet / Joubert Pignon / Daan Botlek / Bart Schoofs / Stijn Peeters / Nyk de Vries / Roos Vlogman Berend Vonk / Danielle Lemaire / Nastia Cistakova / Micha Wertheim Dick Verdult

It's Nice That about Wobby:

"Tilburg-based Studio de Leijer makes us chuckle with bonkers magazine Wobby"


People of Print about Wobby:

"Wobby; a Risograph-printed quarterly magazine which we think is perfect for those who need an adrenaline shot of visual inspiration"


De Volkskrant about Wobby:

"Hoog nonsensgehalte ... met een verfijnde uitvoering"

"Fleurig, fröbelig en dwars"

"Pure heroïek”