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Wobby is a Dutch Risograph printed, thematic magazine for comics, illustration and literature.
The Wobby factor can be described as humorous, quirky, authentic and with a certain roughness. Each edition, printed by themselves, is a collectors item.

Single issue: € 10 + shipping.


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>4 x per year
>40 pages
>size: 17 x 25 cm
>printed in a limited edition
>Wobby points club*


+  As a subscriber, you're a member of the *Wobby Points Club ! With each edition you'll receive a Wobby Point you can manually cut out and glue on our beautifully designed Wobby Coupon Card. You can save for Risoprinted products such as prints, booklets or a Wobby to give away!

It's Nice That about Wobby:

"Tilburg-based Studio de Leijer makes us chuckle with bonkers magazine Wobby"


People of Print about Wobby:

"Wobby; a Risograph-printed quarterly magazine which we think is perfect for those who need an adrenaline shot of visual inspiration"


De Volkskrant about Wobby:

"Hoog nonsensgehalte ... met een verfijnde uitvoering"

"Fleurig, fröbelig en dwars"

"Pure heroïek”