the half truth — PAMPHLETs

Are you fed up with one-sided media coverage? 'The Half Truth' delivers a solution! Pro- and con arguments of familiar issues become visible instantly.

From September 22th - October 22th 2017 was busy creating pamphlets - all live and direct at Graphic Matters in Breda.


What is 'the half truth'?

Every weekend was present at Graphic Matters and pamphlets were printed on-site. Under the expert guidance of you could print pamphlets yourself with a Risograph (stencil) printer. A pamphlet is always printed on both sides, a pro on one side and a con on the other side. The public was responsible for the distribution of the pamphlet. The opposite messages spread confusion and instigate debate outside of your trusted social media bubble.


The proces

the result

This project was made possible thanks to the support of Creative Industries Fund NL